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AgriTech Workshop 1: Industry Focus: 26/05/2021

Update from the first AgriTech cluster industry workshop – 26/05/2021.

Understanding Industry Needs

This workshop was a first time for many companies to sit around the same table (albeit a virtual table). The approach was well received by all attending industry members and there were high levels of interaction during the workshop. The objective set-out to brainstorm todays needs for Irelands AgriTech industry and indeed to pre-empt future needs.

The image below is a snapshot of the online collaborative whiteboard where all team members had the opportunity to work together.

The AgriTech cluster vision for Irelands AgriTech industry is to grow high quality product offerings with high levels of functionality at an affordable price so that Ireland can become a global leader in the AgriTech domain. This vision set the focus for idea generation and the image below is an example of the output from the need’s analysis.

The goal of the AgriTech cluster is to bring together like-minded AgriTech companies from across Ireland, to create opportunities for colloboration between companies especially SMEs and to promote wider engagement with third level, research, and government organisations.

Our next workshop will focus on translating the AgriTech industry needs into projects.

Get in contact if you would like to be involved.

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