You are currently viewing AgriTech Workshop 2: translating industry needs into projects: 09/06/2021

AgriTech Workshop 2: translating industry needs into projects: 09/06/2021

This workshop focused on two aspects:

1. Deepening the understanding of AgriTech Industry needs by rating the relative importance of specific needs to industry requirements.

2. Brainstorming potential projects to meet the industry needs across the focus areas by considering the needs and addressing the blockers and threats using the approach in the image below.

blockers needs threats
Potential Identification
= Opportunity for Action

There were high levels of interaction and a positive vibe where frank discussions took place. The image below is a snapshot of the online collaborative whiteboard where all team members took part in the brainstorming and discussion break-out rooms.

Global population growth coupled with the need to be more sustainable is demanding a higher-level of output from agricultural activities. As a result, there is an ever-increasing uptake in the adoption of technology in agriculture, this trend is set to accelerate as technologies become more resilient in agricultural environments. This creates a growth opportunity for Irelands AgriTech industry. Companies can think big as there is a global market waiting for more effective and sustainable solutions.

The final workshop in this series is scheduled for 23rd June and will focus on projects.

Get in contact if you would like to be involved.

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