You are currently viewing AgriTech Workshop 3: Prioritising Potential Projects: 23/06/2021

AgriTech Workshop 3: Prioritising Potential Projects: 23/06/2021

This workshop focused on prioritising potential cluster projects.

A summary of the previously identified industry needs and the primary industry focus areas kicked off proceedings. This created a common mindset that is important when rating potential opportunity for action / projects. These project need to address industry needs by removing blockers and / or mitigating external threats.

blockers needs threats
Potential Identification
= Opportunity for Action

After an initial summary from previous workshop output the workshop break-out teams discussed each potential project and prioritised the projects using the PACE approach. This was achieved in positive spirit and all were encouraged to voice views relevant for their business. A snapshot of a PACE matrix can be seen in the image below.

This concluded the initial industry workshop series.
The next steps are:

  1. Communicate with wider cluster member base
     - Summary report from all 3 x workshops
     - Request input on preferred focus areas for involvement
  2. Set-up a cluster steering committee (advisory)
     - Conduct SWOT analysis
     - Define AgriTech cluster strategy
  3. Define AgriTech Cluster Workplan
     - Set-up working teams on focus areas
     - Run priority projects, define objectives, team, tasks and timing

Keep any eye out for future developments, we are starting to gather PACE.

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